Wisconsin Woman Claims White Men Set Her on Fire at Traffic Light. Is it Another Hoax?

A Madison, Wisconsin woman claims she was stopped at a red light when four white men yelled a racial slur, and the sprayed her with lighter fluid and threw a lighter at her to causing the fluid to ignite. Authorities are treating the incident as a hate crime. Althea Bernstein told Good Morning America “never thought something like this would happen.”

I guess I’ll be the “bad guy” and plainly say it. This didn’t happen. Not only is it suspicious that this comes immediately after Bubba Wallace’s Noosecar scandal went up in flames (pardon the pun), but also the Black Lives Matter movement has been losing momentum as Americans are roundly disgusted by the violence, looting, and murder that seems to come in the movement’s wake.

The media is salivating for any “hate crime” they could use to reviatlize their movement, and attempt to regain credibility after so many instances of falling for hoaxes. You want me to believe that 4 racists were sittiing at a street corner with lighter fluid just waiting for a black person to drive up so they could set them on fire? That’s the only way this story could play out the way it is being told.

I don’t want to live in a country where a story like this is reported and the first thought is “this is probably bullshit”, but I’m also not going to deny that the media wants to paint a false picture of America to rationalize their virulent hatred of our country. I hope that the other right-wing commentators take a second to wait for the facts to come in before they all condemn this like we saw them condemn other hoaxes like Bubba Wallace and the Covongton boys, but I decided to place all my bets on this being total BS and we shall see if it pays off.

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